Amla/ Gooseberry Pickle


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Amla / Goosberry Pickle

INGREDIENTS : Amla, Spices, Salt and oil.

Amla Achar, Usirikaya Pachadi, Gooseberry Pickle

AMLA PICKLE is popular in most of the Indian states, at The Pickle Story we use Banarasi also known as BSR1 quality of gooseberries. The selected gooseberries are first thoroughly cleaned and each gooseberry is pierced with a fork so the gooseberry is marinated thoroughly with the spices and the chilly powder .

  • Select, best variety Banarasi/BSR1 graded Gooseberries are used.
  • The gooseberries are pickled in specially pounded chilly powder, spices, turmeric, salt a branded best quality Gingerly Oil.
  • Zero Preservatives and Zero Colours used, hence in the first few days of making the pickle one would find a dash salt extra, as this acts as a natural preservative, but once the paste in the pickle gets marinated the salt levels get adjusted.
  • The pickle is homemade, with recipes handed down from generations, we follow utmost hygiene, we also follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • All the raw materials are properly cleaned, tested and then used.
  • A time-tested recipe and a quality pickle from the house of THE PICKLE STORY.

There are numerous health and nutritional benefits of Indian Gooseberry that are recognized by Ayurveda and other scientific communities. Amla is known for their rich content of Vitamin C, which helps in maintaining multiple levels in the human body to keep the skin, hair and teeth.


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