Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I order on Garudabazaar.com

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Garudabazaar.net or Garudabazaar.com
  • Add items along with quantity to your cart. If purchasing multiple items add one after another to your cart. Please make sure your cart shows (top right corner) at least $75.
  • Once done Click on the total amount next to the shopping cart (top right corner)
  • Adjust the quantity and click “update” so that the required quantity is reflected on your order.
  • Once done, click “Checkout”
  • Provide your contact email address and your shipping/billing address
  • “Continue to next step” and input your payment information
  • Place order.


2) Can I order from UK?

Currently this service is available only to USA and Canada. If you are willing to pay VAT in UK we can provide the service to you. Please reach out to our customer service.


3) Is shipping is free of cost?

Yes, the shipping charges are free of cost, but the total order price should be more than or equal to $ 75.


4) What is the average delivery time?

Less than 5 working days/business days.


5) Stock availability

We stock most of the items. Some seasonal items will often get sold out, replenishing of which depends on market conditions. If something you like is sold out, please reach out to us. Once stock is available we will let you know.


6) Once ordered when it will be dispatched

Within 24 -36 hours of receiving the order.


7) Will you give any discount?

Yes, but discounts are seasonal. Please reach out to our customer support for the latest discount. Currently, if you can order from face book you can avail the discount of 5 percentage on total value of order.



8) If the items are damaged in the transit will you replace them?

We will refund or replace according to the damage occurred


9) If I cancel the order, will you refund the order price?

We will do a refund, only if the order is cancelled before the shipment is dispatched, 


10) What is the acknowledgement for order placed?

You will receive a four digit order number to your registered email address.


11) For any complaints whom should we contact

You can reach us on sales@garudabazaar.com      or care@garudavega.com or 855 855 8342 or live chat from our website www.garudavega.net

We have 24/7 working customers care team


12) If we are in need of any other items other than in your website will you deliver them?

We request you to contact us on sales@garudabazaar.com or care@garudavega.com or +1 855 855 8342 or live chat from our website www.garudavega.net


13) Will you provide any sample for eatery and return gifts before placing an order?

Sorry to inform you that at this point we do not provide any samples for any food items and return gifts. But please be assured that all return gifts are accurately represented as much as possible and we procure food items from reputed eateries.


14) Will you provide any details of the vendors for the eatery?

We currently procure food items from Swagrugha, Vellanki and Pullareddy, predominantly. If you have a preference of vendor, please specify that in the notes section of the order.